How to Find Solar Installers Essex

Being able to produce your own energy is the way forward for households and businesses if they are to have more control over the energy they use and how much they are spending on it. Financially it makes sense to find Solar installers Essex to install your Solar panels if you want to save yourself money on your energy bills, as not only will you save money you will also be helping the environment by reducing the carbon footprint of your household and/or business. The amount of power used to produce energy for households and businesses is a growing concern for governments which is why they are looking in to alternative methods.

How to Find Solar Installers Essex Solar panels are at the forefront of creating your own renewable energy as you are using the sun’s rays to create your own electricity without having any negative impact on the environment. Even in winter or overcast days the panels can still create enough energy from either the stored energy or from moonlight and street lighting to keep working.

Finding the right Solar installers Essex when you live in the Essex and Hertfordshire area can be a daunting task. As not only do you need to find an experienced team, you also want to find one you can trust and who will provide you with a system that will work well for your home or business. Finding a local installer can make a big difference to help you get the best system, as they are knowledgeable in the type of weather for the region along with knowing the best direction to install the Solar panels on your home.

Installing Solar panels is more than just attaching them to your roof and the work is done, it is also about finding a design that will work best for your property. The orientation or your home or business gets taken in to consideration along with any trees or shading that could hinder the Solar panels ability to work properly and finally the slope of your roof is the last big consideration when installing Solar panels.

In most cases you will not need prior permission to install Solar panels however in some instances it will be required. The time this could take depends on your local authority, but the government has set up targets to get this process moving quickly by setting a time scale of 8 weeks that applications must have a decision made by.

How do Solar Panels get fixed to my roof?

Specialized brackets are used to attach the Solar panels to your timber frame work of your roof that is located underneath your roof tiles. The tiles are then re-laid back to their former position over the brackets with the panels then being mounted on top of the brackets.

All cables and pipework will be neatly tucked away so nothing is visible, however before any work is carried out your Solar installer will run through a plan to ensure you are happy with the final design.

Why not find out more about Solar panels to find out what works best for your home.