Creating an Energy Saving Home

Solar panels use light energy from the sun to generate electricity through a cell called a photovoltaic cell. This photovoltaic cell is an electrical device that converts the suns light energy into electricity. In a single hour the sun has transmitted more energy to the earth’s surface than the world uses in a year and is one of about 100 billion stars in our galaxy with its core temperature being 15 million ◦c. If we didn’t have the sun life on earth wouldn’t exist.

Solar Panels use the sun to produce energy. They come in two distinct versions. One type is for making electricity and the other is for making hot water. Solar Panels have come a long way since they were first invented with a huge selection of makes and models now being available to the consumer to choose from. You are no longer limited by the slope of your roof or the design as there is a lot of choices available to suit every home in almost every location.

So How Do Solar Panels Work?

  • A Solar panel converts the suns energy into heat energy.
  • This heat energy is then transferred to a heat fluid and this is circulated through the Solar collector using an electrically power pump.
  • The heat transfer fluid then flows through a heating exchange coil at the bottom of your hot water cylinder, with this heat then being transferred to heating up the water.
  • As the hot water rises to the top of the cylinder this then becomes the hot water for taps.
  • The cold water at the bottom is pumped to the roof again for reheating, so a continue supply of hot water is achieved.
  • Your boiler is still utilized as a back-up heating option when the Solar energy is not available

Installing Solar panels is not a matter of choosing any equipment for your home, it is about the installation of the right equipment, its positioning to make sure it will perform the best it can for the type of roof you have, along with the amount of sunlight you get so you get the most benefit for you and your home. It can all be a bit daunting when you first look into Solar panels as there are a lot of choices, but dealing with a company like Carmichael Browns Renewable Energy Ltd who specialise in Solar panels will make this job easier for you along with advising you of the benefits that having these panels installed in your home or business will give you.