Commercial Solar PV for Schools

solar pv for schools

A look into the benefits of Solar PV for Schools:

Government grants, charitable funds and private investment have helped schools make the most of the opportunities offered by renewable energy by installing a range of sustainable technologies in the past few years.

Wind turbines, solar panels and heat pumps are making schools more environmentally friendly, pupils are learning more and schools are saving money on their electricity bills.

Schools can apply for a range of funding streams to increase the financial incentive and appeal of a renewables project. In particular, schools are turning to Commercial Solar PV, as they often have a large amount of roof space which is ideal for solar panels and the installation process can take place with minimal disruption to the school day.

Alternatively, if the roof space is not suitable, ground arrays can be an excellent solution as well.

The financial benefits to a school generating its own energy to power equipment and facilities are huge and can save the school thousands of pounds each year. Commercial Solar PV Installations are often seen mainly as an investment for business, but schools can benefit too.

This, coupled with the educational and environmental benefits of Solar PV for schools, colleges or universities really could turn your green projects into gold!

Schools can achieve all of the above even with zero capital investment by choosing a Fully Funded Solar PV  option from Carmichael Browns.

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