Commercial Solar PV For Warehouses

Install Solar Panels to Maximise Your Investment

Do you have a warehouse? Could it be generating energy for other parts of your business site?

Simple really, your warehouse roof could be the ideal location for a Commercial Solar PV Installation.

Warehouses are typically some of the easiest buildings on which to install solar panels, because they often have flat or shallow pitched metal roofs. With a simple installation process, your warehouse could be making green electricity and extra revenue for your business.

an example of solar PV for warehouses

An example of solar PV for warehouses

Rent a Roof Solar Opportunities:

Warehouse owners unable to afford the upfront costs of installing solar panels can still gain from this type of project. They have the option of renting their warehouse roof to companies who will make a fixed payment per kWh or pay a flat fee.

If you choose a Fully Funded Solar PV Installation, the investor will install the solar panels at their own expense and the warehouse owner will benefit by receiving electricity to power their business and machinery for zero capital outlay.

This is an excellent way for warehouse owners to capitalize on their assets and take steps to reducing their carbon footprint.

What We Do:

Carmichael Browns can design, supply and install a system to help you gain the maximum return for the roof space you have available – whether you choose an empty warehouse as a simple income generation tool or a fully operating manufacturing facility to help power your equipment and meet your energy demands.

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