Commercial Solar PV for Factories

Falling equipment and installation costs now make this an attractive proposition to which many companies are turning.

Commercial Solar PV for factories can provide many benefits, protecting a business from constantly increasing energy bills payments, not to mention the improved green credentials. It’s a wonder really that it has taken this long to gain the attention of CEOs and MDs across the country.

commercial solar pv for factoriesThere remains of course the hurdle of the initial capital outlay, however with the ROI higher than ever and payback times shorter than ever, many systems now can be cashflow positive from year 1, with banks and finance institutions offering very low rates on borrowing for these types of green projects.

In fact, even in situations where a company does not wish to borrow the funds to pay for the installation, there is a solution offered where Carmichael Browns can install your new Solar PV system with absolutely zero capital outlay with no loan or repayments to make.

In this offering, business owners still get to use 100% of the generated electricity from the Solar PV system and save thousands of pounds on their electricity bills, as well as benefiting from all the green credentials that come with the project via a Fully Funded Solar PV Installation.

In business, it is important to always be in control of your costs. Where possible, if a particular function can be carried out at a lower cost and more efficiently in house, this is often the route an organisation will take. Electricity is now becoming such an item.

Why remain at the mercy of the energy providers to dictate your overheads?

Many UK companies are now realising this and turning to Solar PV and renewable energy to create their own on-site, clean and free electricity to make the system not only commercially viable but also commercially attractive.

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