Climate Control

What is Climate Control?

Air-Conditioning refers to the treatment of air in a given space, generally by heating, cooling or adjusting the humidity.  Various systems are available to deal with conditioning this space.

DUCTAL – Comprises of a centrally positioned fan coil with ductal outlets leading to grilles, positioned throughout the premises.

SPLIT SYSTEM – This utilizes a lateral fan on the ceiling, wall or floor.  It is then connected by small piping to an external condensing unit.

PORTABLES – Smaller, self-contained air- conditioning with flexible hoses terminated through opened windows or holes in walls

Where is Climate Control needed?

Climate control in needed anywhere where people are wanting to have cooler air temperatures than that provided by the outdoor temperature.  It works well in:

OFFICES – To keep workers comfortable and contented and to maintain efficiency with working.

RETAIL PREMISES – A comfortable environment maximises the length of stay that customers will remain in your premises, which in turn improves sales.

RESIDENTIAL PROPERTIES – Conservatories, family rooms and bedrooms where a cooler temperature is desired.

LICENSED PREMISES – bars, clubs, restaurants, anywhere where having a consistent temperature is needed.

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